About Us


Ignite is dedicated to shaping and encouraging individuals to emergence, advocacy and a life of purpose.

Who Ignite Is

Approximately thirteen years ago Mark and Lisa Vega recognized the need to develop and equip youth to become influential leaders in their local communities, schools and faith based organizations. Growing up in a single parent home in the Bronx, NY, Mark saw the need and importance of mentorship and development of young people, and in 2006 a nine-month internship was birthed. Ignite Internship provides students with the opportunity to continue their education and develop holistically.

Ignite has evolved into an organization running various programs committed to assisting in the development and enhancement of lives as well as positively affecting their community. In response to the growing need Ignite has expanded its mission locally and globally. Ignite is hopeful that its initiative will continue to help many men and women emerge as leaders and rise above the numerous obstacles they face.