Mentoring is a key component and value that enables and empowers individuals to discover the difference and impact that they can make in society. In light of a fatherless generation, Ignite seeks to develop mentorship systems based on love, consistency and the tools needed to equip individuals in becoming productive citizens.

Ignite School of Ministry & Summer Internships

Our mentoring programs such as our Jr. Ignite 2 week program, 1 -2 month summer programs or Ignite School of ministry have impacted and inspired individuals to overcome drug and alcohol addictions, child and sexual abuse, self-destructive behavior and depression.


Additional Training

Dual Enrollment

As an option within our school of ministry, students have the opportunity to be dually enrolled in higher education institutions as well as theological training.

GED and Virtual School

We encourage students that have dropped out of educational institutions to pursue their High School diploma and even house homeless students to be able to finish their education using these two avenues. Ignite promotes not only the completion of a High School education but continuing to higher education institutions to become well rounded individuals.

Societal Awareness (Immigration Reform, Human Trafficking)

We desire to equip individuals to be well versed not only in formal education but also be aware of social injustices.